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      1.    You will come up with a new Rhode Island (RI) based entity/business that carries a New RI Realistic Consumer Product( for the producer).  Your NEW  RI product uses RI ingredients/components and is connected to/has to be RI _______________________
      2.    Explain/justify why this product originates in RI  _____________________________
      3.    Note:R.I. ingredients/components/expertise/whatever.   Your idea MUST be connected to RI    ____________________________  
      4.    Specific Producer (manufacturer…please be sure that you choose a realistic producer…no middlemen, please) Yes, you can “make it yourself ” but it must be Rhode Island based  NOT outsourced to China/whatever.  _________________
      5     Justification  (describe your new consumer  product and explain why it would work)  Support that there
      6.    Rhode Island uniqueness/connection/what makes it local and what draws people to buy in and/or come to Rhode Island to get.        _
      7.   SHOW/EXPLAIN that your proposed new product  makes sense             
      8.   List two sources of secondary data that you have used for your proposed idea 
      9.  PRIMARY Data (that you will do….such as a survey,, taste test, experiment
     10. Where can consumers purchase the new proposed product

Describe one challenge that you may face introducing your new idea  (please apply course content to support what you say).   Example of a challenge could be an environmental component–such as the legal environment and a specific regulatory body–FTC, Consumer Product Safety.   Explain the specific steps to overcome the challenge. 

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