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Refer to the attached documents, “Amazon_Alexa” and “Amazon_2019 Annual Report”.

For the assignment, address the following:

1.    Segmentation
2.    Develop Segment Profiles
3.    Targeting Strategy
4.    Positioning Statement
5.    Analyze the 3 levels of the product/service.
6.    Which step is the most critical for Amazon?
7.    Which marketing efforts are essential to move forward from there?
8.    When setting prices, the company must consider its external pricing environment. Describe three components of the pricing environment and how they affect Amazons Alexa.
9.    Companies bringing out a new product can choose between three broad strategies: a skimming price, penetration pricing, and trial pricing. Distinguish among the three.
10.    Compare and contrast the three distribution strategies (Intensive/Selective/Exclusive distribution) of Amazons Alexa, give examples.
11.    How can Amazon benefit from participating in a VMS (vertical marketing system) and horizontal marketing system respectively?

*** Note: I have attached samples from previous orders/assignments for reference.

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