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Marketing Final


Building from our  in-class Marketing Plan exercise, please answer the following, based on an on-campus, or nearby to campus cafe. 

5 pts What is the name of your business?
5 pts What is your brand (think of your brand as a promise) / what does your brand stand for?
5 pts What is the personality of your brand?
5 pts What tone will your communications take?
15 pts. Who are your customers? Describe who they are, elements of their personas.

5 pts One:

5 pts Two:

5 pts Three:

20 pts Provide a SWOT analysis for your business. Remember Strengths and Weaknesses are Internal to your company you have control over them, Opportunities and Threats are external to your companyyou cant control them.

5 pts Strengths

5 pts Weaknesses

5 pts Opportunities

5 pts Threats

Discuss your Social Media Strategy

  1. 5 pts What platforms will you use?
  2. 5 pts What kind of media will go on each?
  3. 5 pts Who are you targeting with each?
  4. 5 pts What are your primary messages?
  5. 5 pts How often will you run them?
  6. 5 pts What is AB testing and how can you use it?
  7. 5 pts How would you engage/activate UGC?
  8. 5 pts Write a CTA:

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