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Learning Objectives:
To introduce an abbreviated case study
To develop your critical thinking skills
To help prepare you for the case portion of our class

In this abbreviated case study we meet Shawn, a senior brand manager at Cork Beverages located in Nashville, Tennessee.  In this case, Shawn is working with Carla, Chief Marketing Officer, and Eric, Head of Finance on a specific problem that is time-sensitive and has big stakes for both his career and the company’s future profits.

In this assignment, you will identify the problem that Shawn is facing, detail the three options discussed in the case, and make ONE recommendation based on the facts from the case.  Please note in future cases you will make more than one recommendation and this is an introduction to our future casework.


Read the HBR Case Study “When your Brand is Racist”.  This case study is part of the case pack which are in the required materials for this class.
Identify the main problem of this case as well as the three options that are discussed in the case.
Write a case homework memo and pick only one recommendation from the three options discussed in the case.  (Need help? CLICK HERE for an example of a completed homework memo)
Upload your assignment (in .doc or .pdf) by clicking the “submit assignment” button at the top of this page.

Scoring: This is a graded, credit/no credit assignment which counts towards your participation grade in this class.


-Don’t forget to include the pros and cons of your recommendation

– Use facts verses opinions in any case study assignment

– There are no “right” or “wrong” answers in case study as long as you back up your position with solid critical thinking!

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