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Marketing research and planning

Ive already completed the marketing plan objectives as well as the SWOT analysis, it is attached below

Ive also attached the questionnaire Ive done including the answers below

This is the assignment brief….
  Developing an individual written Marketing Plan and Research Report for the students respective food company/brand/product (GREGGS UK)  based on the secondary and primary data collection. The development of the plan should use marketing tools and techniques, which were introduced during lectures, seminars and laboratory exercises. The report will also draw heavily upon primary data collected as part of the summative assessment (as outlined above). Each student will develop a general marketing plan and research report, but pay particular attention to one element of the marketing mix.

Marketing Plan and Research Report (Word length: 2000 words.

Individual students are required to develop a one-year Marketing Plan and Research Report for a food company/brand/product in the North East of England. (GREGGS uk) It is important to note that rather than providing a description of the food company/brands current marketing strategy, the plan should outline the students suggested strategy for the company/brand over the next year. This part will count for 90% of the total module mark. The submission time for this report will be confirmed when this information becomes available.

The two parts of the assignment will be marked together and will constitute 100% of the total module mark.
Marking Scheme for the Individual Assignment-

Marks:    Parts:
5    1.    Executive summary (summarise the market situation as well as the plan’s objectives and highlights from the report).

15    2.    Environmental analysis (examines environmental factors affecting the company/brand/product, and its marketing, using the appropriate analytical tools).
A.    Macro-environmental factors (how demographics, economic climate, technology, legal and regulatory issues may affect the marketing plan and research report).
B.    Micro-environmental factors (how suppliers, channel members, competitors, and customers may affect the marketing plan and research report).
C.    Competitive strategy (how the company/brand/product will compete in the market(s)).
3.    Marketing Strategy (discusses overall strategy and objectives).
A.    Marketing objectives.
B.    Financial and societal objectives (if applicable).
C.    Segmentation, positioning, and target market(s)
25    4.    Marketing research (research conducted and needed to support the marketing plan).
A.    Present the results of the primary and secondary marketing research you have conducted and describe their implications for your company/brand/product.
B.    State the major discovery and see whether your findings can help you to determine the product, pricing, distribution channel and promotion strategy.
C.    Illustrate clearly how you have used the primary data you collected to help inform the development of this report.

    5.    Marketing mix summary (a one page table summarising major elements of the marketing mix). This should be adapted to fit with the strategy implementation.
A.    Product.
B.    Pricing.
C.    Place.
D.    Promotion.
E.    Service marketing components (if applicable).
20    6.    Detailed strategy for one element of the marketing mix.
A.    For one element of the marketing mix (from part 5 above), develop a more detailed description of planned marketing activities and expected outcomes.
B.    You will also be expected to draw upon the primary and secondary data collected within the module to support your ideas. More details will be provided in class.
C.    The detailed strategy needs to be designed to accomplish previously specified plan objectives.

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