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Mass incarceration on African American or Ethnic families

includes 1. Two academic journal articles

2. One credible online website page or article (this may be a popular source).

3. One credible creative source (video, podcast, song, ect).

4. Two other sources of your choice.

Required Structure
This is the structure you need to follow for this essay. If you want to use a different type of structure, ask me ahead of time.

1. Intro/thesis. Begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to. Have a clear statement of your own argument as well.

2. Support your argument point #1. Include quotes and incorporate them smoothly.

3. Support your argument point #2. Remember to use appropriate transitions between paragraphs.

4. Support your argument point #3 (optional).

5. Counterargument and rebuttal. Point out possible objections to your argument.

6. Offer a solution OR extend rebuttal.

7. Conclusion. Explain why the issue matters and answer the question: so what?

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