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The term paper will combine what you have learned in the class and apply it to your media intake.  This essay is to involve your favorite form of media (something specific such as your favorite show, your favorite book, your favorite magazine, your favorite Internet site, etc.) and/or your least favorite form of ‘media (something specific such as your least favorite show, your least favorite book, your least favorite magazine, your least favorite Internet site, etc.).  Yes, that was an either/oryou may choose or do both your favorite and least favorite if youd like.  During the essay, you will take one or both of these two forms of media and analyze them.

First, the analysis must provide insight on how your least favorite and/or your favorite form of media has an effect on or in your life

Also, your analysis will include at least one of the many mass communication theories we have gone over (i.e. the agenda-setting theory, the cultivation theory, the spiral of silence theory, the skyscraper analogy, etc.).  You are to utilize a theory or instance youve learned from class (or, if youre feeling brave, you may also utilize a mass communication or media theory outside of the class as wellplease note if you take this route you must thoroughly describe the theory and apply it properly) to effectively analyze your favorite form of media, least favorite form of media, or both.

You may want to explain the theory or theories you choose in your paper (this might be a good place to get some of your necessary sources plugged into your term-paper).  You will examine either or both your favorite and/or least favorite forms of media in relation to one of the many mass communication theories, models, or any other important information you have taken away from the class:

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