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Medical aid in dying

It is a four page (at least one sentence on page 5) research paper on whether or not “medical aid in dying” should be legal in the United States.  In the last page you discuss whether it should be legal.  In the first 3 pages you need to include information that could help you make this decision.  Think of it as:  you know nothing about the topic.  What information do you think one should know before one could decide whether or not aid in dying should be legal?  For this paper, medical aid in dying is when a person is likely to die within six months and the person/patient would like the physician to give them a prescription for medicine that they could take to hasten their death.  The patient must be terminally ill and he must take the medication himself. 

There needs to be at least three quality references (e.g., peer reviewed/refereed articles or government documents).  There should be a reference page with complete information on these references. The reference page does not count as part of the four pages of text; neither does your name, date, etc.   

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