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Memorable Vacation ( CANCUN)

You will write and present a speech on a topic of your choosing. Your speech will be 10-15 minutes and presented to your classmates on Day 6. You are required to have a visual element to your speech presentation, some examples are a PowerPoint, a Prezi, or a poster board.
You are required to hand in the following:
–    A typed copy of your speech
–    A list of APA references that you used to develop your speech (minimum 2)
–    Electronic copies of any visual element, or your poster board
You will be marked on the following (see marking rubric for more detail)
–    The content of your speech (research to support your ideas)
o    For example, if your favourite vacation was to Calgary, provide geographical and historical details of Calgary. If your favourite movie was Star Wars, research the production, director, and actors.
–    Your presentation skills (voice, posture, not reading off paper, etc.)
–    The aesthetic appeal of your visual element
–    The timing of your speech (not under 10 minutes or over 15 minutes)

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