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Mental Health and the Hospitality Industry

COVID-19 has limited our opportunities to work with organizations in our industry.  Weve had two projects where we were able to collaborate with partners on real time issues to date.  Your final project will be a little different.  Id like you to write a report on mental health issues in the hospitality industry.  To give you a target audience, provide some guidance, and to create value for industry, Id like you to write this paper for the University of Guelph Sustainable Restaurant Project (UGSRP).  I see it as an opportunity for you to learn about an increasingly important issue in our society, and our industry.  Researching this issue in depth will help you understand the causes, barriers, and better understand how to manage issues of employee mental health.  Id also like to use some of the best reports to create discussion in our industry by posting them on the UGSRP website. www.ugsrp.com
The last project was very vague as far as instructions and guidance.  I know many of you hate being given assignments like that but the research on learning shows that such experiences can help you grow and develop skills in synthesis and creation.  Thinking was the key word for the last assignment!  For this project Im going to give you lots of structure to follow and the key words will be understanding and presentation.

This is what Im looking for as the deliverable:
Your report will be 3000-5000 words in length, single spaced, 12 font. Figures, Tables and References do not count towards your word total.  All referencing to be done according to APA standards, sixth or seventh edition.
You will need a title page (a photo would be a good addition), no Executive Summary, no Table of Contents.  References at the back of the report.  Charts, figures and tables in text where possible. (When they are not to big) Also, incorporate the UGSRP logo into the title page.
Your target audience for UGSRP is hospitality professionals, students, and researchers.  The website is popular having over 5000 visitors a year.  Writing style should be similar to a professional style report.  This paper is not based on your experiences, or opinion based.
You can approach the report in three ways: You can report on 1) Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry, or be more specific as follows 2) Mental Health in the Restaurant Industry  3) Mental Health in the Hotel Industry. (Choose one of the three for your topic)  You will find there is a lot more information in the hospitality and restaurant focus but pick which you like.
You will use secondary research, not primary research.  You can use media outlets as sources but you will need to depend mostly on evidence-based, scholarly research.  You will need to organization the flow of your report yourself.  It is not a bad idea to look to other similar works to help with this.  I would recommend the following headings: 1. Introduction 2. Discussion (which highlights research) 3. Implications for Industry 4. Recommendations 5. Conclusion.  Make sure you use sub-headings to help organize your efforts.

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