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Methods of Presenting and Communicating Information

Discussion InstructionsGraphs, charts, and dashboards are common methods of presenting and communicating information in a business environment. Marr (2010) recommends that leaders and managers keep the target audience in mind when using a four-step process to facilitate Step 4 of the EbM model: presenting and communicating information.Research up-to-date Internet resources related to business management graphs, charts, and dashboard designs and templates.For your initial discussion post, address the following:

Explain how a manager can be certain that a presentation focuses on the needs of the audience.

Explain how Marr’s four-step process ensures that presentations are compelling and powerful enough to engage the minds of the audience.

Identify common format choices for graphic presentations.

Discuss one of Marr’s tips for producing useful graphics. Why would this tip be effective?

Explain why dashboards are popular methods for business managers to communicate information.

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