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Misinformation about Vaccines for brain cancer

Each misinformation response should include the following:
1. Source of Misinformation: On a separate page, include a screenshot or description of your chosen misinformation (with working link). ( Im already finish this part in the attached file below)

Start your essay from here.

2. Introduction: The author will identify the specific claims from their misinformation that they will be addressing. They will also detail why it is important to correct this misinformation. Why is this important/worth addressing? Consider providing a bit of historical/statistical, or background information so that a reader with little information on your topic begins to understand its relevance.

3. Search Details: Briefly (in no more than 2-3 sentences) address how and where you searched for information. How many useful articles did you find on your topic? What populations did they study? How many countries were represented in the articles you found?

4. Body: Explore your topic by misinformation claim or research question. There are many ways to order this section, but I should see evidence that an analysis of the literature has been used to support the statements made, and that the assumptions/conclusions are logical.
a. Presentation of evidence:
i. Integration: If sources contradict one another they are dealt with adequately. Multiple sources are compared if available. A simple listing of information is avoided.
ii. The points are internally consistent, (i.e. one point follows from another), plausible and well supported.
iii. References are recent, high quality, and appropriate to the paper topic (research articles, edited books, and some government/organization sources).
iv. Suitability of focus: The problem chosen is focused enough to be covered in the space of the paper, but not too narrow.
v. Organization: Presentation is easy to follow and well organized.
5. Discussion: Acknowledgement of any limitations of the findings are discussed. Also address any uncertainties in the information environment that impact(ed) your knowledge on/ability to address this topic (lack of research, biased data, currency of evidence, etc.). Were there any claims made in your misinformation source that you could not debunk? Why was that?
6. Conclusion: The author summarizes the findings adequately and draws appropriate conclusions. Author identifies future areas of research, and recommended sources readers should explore to find more information on this topic.
7. References: On a separate page, include references for all sources used in your paper. All references must be in APA format.

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