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MN585 W6 – UTI – Prostatitis

Using a recognized guideline, in your clinical rotation, select one male OR female patient age >64 years with recurrent urinary tract infection, or prostatitis (male) and compare the clinical course and treatment with the appropriate assessment and management guidelines and provide recommendations for care or note if care has been appropriate or has deviated from the standard of care.

1 page and 3 references

Topic: Recurrent UTI and Prostatitis
Using your patient review from your Unit 6 assignment, discuss the evidence-based guidelines you used to evaluate the diagnosis and management of your patient, and whether the approach was appropriate or in comparison to the diagnostic and management metrics in the guidelines.
Discuss alternatives to the approach that you think may have been completed differently and support your thesis with relevant sources. Also, describe the outcome goals whether they are a complete resolution or if this will become a chronic management issue and why.

1 page and 3 references

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