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Modern Media and Nursing

Discipline: Anthropology and Nursing

First, describe in the essay how anthropologists study modern media.

Then, apply those observations regarding ways anthropologists study modern media and describe ways nurses do or could use modern media professionally.

Describe ways you, as a nurse, could use modern media professionally.

What would be some potential benefits of the use of modern media to the modern nurse?

What would be some potential drawbacks? How might such media use affect the nurse-and-patient relationship?

(Attachment includes Anthropology textbook and the 2 chapters to obtain information for this project)
Integrate the textbook reading in your reflection, using concepts, quotes, and/or paraphrases and citations, from both the Doing Fieldwork Chapter 3 by Nelson and the Media Anthropology Chapter 15 by Peake. Paraphrase or quote and cite from at least one scholarly, outside source to support your reflections as well.

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