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Module 4

Johnny and Jessica are 3-year-old twins with different personalities attending a Family Child Care home.

Johnny loves to socialize but gets physical in a negative way (grabs or pinches a child’s cheeks) and the other children prefer not to interact with him.

Jessica is very quiet and prefers to be alone. Jessica loves to read, draw, and lace beads by herself. When other children come around to play with her, Jessica walks away.
Based on the information about the twins:

What would be the first step you would take to help Johnny improve in his social behavior and Jessica increase her social development? (E.g. Meeting with the parents, Observation, or one-on-one discussion with the children)
Please describe in detail, the activity plan you would put in place for the twins. How much time will you spend doing the activity with the twins? (e.g. Description the activities or materials)
Describe how the activities/materials you have chosen will affect Johnny and Jessica’s social/emotional development? (E.g., Bead-lacing in a small group encourages Jessica to share the color of the beads she has and how many she was using.)
What type of assessments would you use to document Johnny and Jessica process? (E.g., Observation assessment, Snapshot, or anecdotal notes)

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