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Module 6, Focus 2 Paper

Module 6, Focus 2 Paper The learning activity for module 6 is a written paper where you will report and interpret your self-assessment results from Focus 2. In addition, you are asked to provide a critique of this computer assisted guidance system.

After completing the assessments and spending time on the site, you are to present a discussion and interpretation of your results. In your paper, present a summary of your assessment results—your interests, skills, personality type, and values. Also, relate your results to majors and occupations. In addition, include a discussion of issues/topics you would address in providing an interpretation to facilitate your understanding and use of the results. In other words, if you were working with an advisor to understand your results, what would you want to know about the instrument? Finally, include the following: your reaction to the results and Focus 2; and how an advisor might use Focus 2 and the results with students. This paper is to be approximately 3-4 double-spaced pages, again, citing at least three references from the readings, with a full reference list – APA style.

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