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Moot Court

Moot Court
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Read the file below

For this assignment, you will be a World Court Justice deliberating over a space case of international importance!

Read through the attached case and pick a side. 

Then, using text from the treaties we read this week, or other relevant international legal regimes, evaluate the claims of each party and argue for your outcomes (#18 A or B depending on who you pick).   
You could easily write a 100 page brief on this, but don’t.    However, be sure to address each of the relevant facts/claims that have a bearing on the case.

When you are done, pick one of your classmates that has chosen the other side and comment on their post with your defense.  Address each of their points using your legal framework. 

Especially important are the Outer Space Treaty, the Liability Convention, the Rescue/Return Convention, the Moon Treaty, and the Registration Convention – however, you might find useful law in other similar international things like the ‘Law of the High Seas’ or the ‘Deep Seabed Mining Convention’ or the ‘Antarctica Treaty’ – etc.    Be creative here and find good legal reasons for taking a position.    Your brief should cite these specifically (e.g In section 2.3 of the OST, it says….’blah, blah, blah’ which the X go

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