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read two articles and watch one video and write two paragraphs

“Dinah, Put Down Your Horn: Blackface Minstrel Songs Dont Belong in Music Class -https://gen.medium.com/dinah-put-down-your-horn-154b8d8db12a
A Brief History of the Policing of Black Music –
Stephan Pennington, Critical Musicologist at Tufts –
Paragraph 1:
What stood out to you the most in the readings and video?
Paragraph 2: (You don’t have to answer all of these, focus on one or two)
How has Black music been both policed and fetishized?
In your opinion, what does education mean at this point in history?
What is the use of the institutions of education?
How is music playing a role in fighting systemic oppression? Is it?
What is the use of defining womens music or women in music?
What issues do you think women might face in the context of music performance, composition, music scenes, music criticism, etc.?

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