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Music as a Rhetorical Choice

Applying Multimodal Analysis to Video
If the video uses dialogue, how, when, where, and why do the people talk to each other in the video? How does this affect your perception of the videos content?  If the video uses voiceover narration, why do you think the creator chose to do this?  Where else does text appear in the video (in written form, for instance)?  How does that add to the spoken text?  How do the pitch, tone, accent, etc. of various characters voices  (including the narrator, if there is one) affect how you perceive them?  Do the other elements (modalities) of the video support whats being said or do they undermine it?

Nicotra, Jodie. Becoming Rhetorical: Analyzing and Composing in a Multimedia World (p. 103). Cengage Learning. Kindle Edition.

The assignment is the final draft for essay #2, the thesis is important and to choose a music video and write the essay from what we picked. The video I choose for this essay is Justin Timberlake’s Say Something ft. Chris Stapleton. Two sources we are to use the above book and Abdurraqib, Hanif. They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us. Kindle Edition.

This was an outline I got from a writer on this site who didn’t listen to my instructions, I strongly emphasize format is MLA not APA. My professor’s comments on the draft:

Dont forget this paper needs to be in MLA, not APA, which is how you have set it up with the titled paragraphs.  For your thesis, do not announce what you will study. You need to review the lesson on thesis statements in the previous unit. This assignment is to conduct a multimodal analysis, so what exactly does that mean? What is the message of this song? What is the theme? That is where you start to illustrate later how the multimodal elements produce the effect you claim in your thesis.

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