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In order to receive credit, your work must be submitted on time in a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF file format that can be opened and graded. A calendar of approved concerts, writing guidelines, and sample reports are provided located in Course Materials under Modules. Concert reports are to be a minimum of 1,200 words, and your word count MUST be included in the heading with title, date, time, and location of concert. Your written narrative must be ONLY about the music and follow How Concert Reports Are Graded criteria in Course Materials. All reports will be checked for word count as well as content, grammar, and spelling. Reports not meeting word count WILL NOT be graded. Late reports will not be accepted without prior approval of instructor.
Only performances on the APPROVED CONCERT CALENDAR will be accepted without prior approval. Alternate performances must be requested in writing and IN ADVANCE (at least two weeks before due date). A web link of the proposed concert is required for consideration. Requesting an alternate performance does not assure approval. Performance standard is high and must be classical art music in genre. Performances/recitals of K-12 school groups or religious services do not meet criteria and will not be approved. Refer to Course Materials for detailed rules.



Judicael Perroy, guitar: Guest Artist Recital

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