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Negotiation Event

500-100 words

Negotiation Event

Most individuals have participated in several larger negotiation events at some time or other. For example, you might have negotiated a car purchase, a home purchase, an apartment rental, the planning of a wedding, a business partnership, a babysitting arrangement, or even an agreement to take care of someone’s yard for the summer.

Reflect on your negotiation history and identify a significant negotiation experience (in terms of size and scope). 

For the first paragraph of your initial post, describe the negotiation event, including the participants, the key issues, and the outcome.

For the second part of your initial post, evaluate any one of the following starter bullet points, using research on course concepts to support your analysis.

Negotiations tend to follow stages or phases similar to the stages in decision making,      including preparation, information sharing, problem-solving, and resolution. How would you categorize the events of your negotiation example into those stages? How did behaviors of the parties involved change during each stage?

What BATNAs were available in your negotiation example? How were BATNAs determined? How were the BATNAs used? How did the integrative approach versus the distributive approach to the negotiation influence the role of the BATNAs in your scenario?

What interests were evident in your example? Which ones were substantive interests? Which  ones were process interests? Which ones were relational interests? How did the parties reveal or discover the interests? 

How did the interests impact the negotiation?

How did stereotyping influence the negotiation? How did other types of perception,      selective perception, or perceptual distortions impact the process?

What positive and negative emotions impacted the negotiation? Why did those emotions  surface? Did they come about because of:

  1. The process being used
  2. The way the negotiation developed
  3. The relationship between the parties
  4. The outcomes being discussed
  5. The alternatives that existed

How could emotions have been used to enhance the negotiation (positive impact), or      what could be done to reduce the effect of negative emotions in your negotiation?

How did the parties show their familiarity or lack of familiarity with the building      blocks of negotiation? 

How might the negotiation have been different if the parties had been familiar with the building blocks?

What types of leverage were available in the scenario? In what ways was the leverage used or not used? How was leverage used in an ethical or unethical way?      How did leverage alter the negotiation?

Conclude your posting with a summary paragraph that synthesizes one or two key issues or points of your initial post.

· Your initial post should be 1–2 pages (500–1,000 words) long.

· Cite any sources you use in APA format.

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