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news release

Here are the sections that I require in the sample news release you submit:

Sub-heading (if you want)
Lead in to release … Date, Service, Location
1st paragraph – Repeat of main facts and additional information.
Include stock symbol and exchange after first mention of the company (NYSE-MPI)
2nd Paragraph – more information about the new CEO that will make we, as shareholders,
optimistic about the good things she can do in the future. Make up your own
facts and information as needed.
Executive Statement/Quote
Forward Looking Statements
Media Contact:  (That’s YOU as Director of Investor Relations)

* Marathon Products, Inc. makes children’s toys.
* The company has been missing sales targets for 3 years.
* Th company just hired a new CEO, Marcia Mayer who comes from another toy company.
* The Board of Directors is enthused about her arrival.
* This release is the disclosure of material news
PLUS: Add your own facts to fill out our understanding of her and her background.

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