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Question 1

Consider the working environment you have chosen to focus on during this program. Identify three to five organizational processes that could benefit from the use of robotics or RPA. (Max. 50 words per process.)

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Question 2

Setting a vision or desired future state is the process of defining the desired pathway for a technologys deployment. Before using robots or RPA in your organization, you will need to identify what you hope to achieve. Using Porters three generic strategies as a reference, describe how robots or RPA will impact cost leadership, differentiation, or focus to give you a competitive edge.

Be sure to outline your desired future state where robots or RPA are used in the organizational processes you discussed in Question 1. (Max. 200 words in total.)

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Question 3

Consider the technical and leadership or managerial requirements of rolling out robots or RPA across the areas you have identified in Question 1. Cover the following questions in your answer:

Who should be involved in implementing the proposed initiative, and what should the scope of their roles be?
Define your own role in the implementation of your proposed initiative and justify why this role is important?
How does the proposed initiative fit in with the business strategy and IT strategy?
What are some technical considerations and requirements for implementation?
(Max. 300 words in total.)

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