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Personal statements are often required when you apply to academic institutions, health career programs, scholarships and other awards.

You will write a personal statement which answers the following questions:

Why do you want to become a/an _________________? (Fill in the blank with your top career choice.)
How will you meet the challenges of a/an______________  program.? (Fill in the blank with the academic program required for your career).
What will you contribute to the field of ____________ after you complete your education?  (Fill in the blank with your top career choice).
You may discuss the following:

Your educational backgroundknowledge or experience gained
Your previous/current work experience (if any)accolades given or challenges overcome
Specific or unique attributes you could bring to the career
Your personal and professional goals
Your commitment to diversity, social justice, and being a local and global citizen
Anything else which makes you stand out from other applicants

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