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Nursing clinical interview

Write a two page paper that includes the following four components:
– Describe how you demonstrated the QSEN competency of safety; describing the cognitive and physical limits of human performance.
– Describe the patient’s demographic information (age, community, family structure, etc)
– Reflect on the interview , communication techniques , and circumstances that hindered or facilitated the interview.
-Identify patient’s unique concerns, priority for care , and summarize your clinical judgement.

Resources: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Institute (2018). QSEN competencies. Retrieved July 30, 2018 from: http://qsen.org/competencies/pre-licensure-ksas/

Patient information during interview:
-Patient admitted himself to the hospital to detox from abusing heroin.
-Patient is currently staying at the hospital rehab facility for 28 days to get clean.
-white male, 38 yrs old
-He is the youngest sibling out of three brothers.
-A couple years ago his oldest brother committed suicide from depression and using drugs.
-His Dad died back in 2009.
-He is not close with his family anymore bc they are done trying to help him with his drug habit.
-He is currently homeless and broke.
-He lives in a homeless shelter currently.
-He says he will live in a sober house after rehab to get his life back together.
-When he was growing up he wanted to be a hockey player.
-His greatest accomplishment was graduating college
-His hobbies are hockey and working out.
-His best vacation he ever took was Vegas with his best friend.
-Future places he would like to visit is Mexico because he loves the warm weather.
-His best year he ever had was back in 2009 because he was in nursing school and had a lot of money because he was given $80,000 from his fathers life insurance plan.
-He spent all of his life insurance money on drugs and got 2 felonies related to drugs.
-He never finished his nursing school.
-What triggers him to do drugs is being at the train station where he would get his drugs and being around his best friend that is also a drug addict.

** If you would like to make up anything regarding the patient for the paper please do so.

Thank you 🙂

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