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nutrition amongst athletes

Your capstone project final manuscript must contain a minimum of 30 pages (excluding cover sheet and reference list) while using a minimum of 15 references, each of which must be listed in your reference list and cited at least once within text using APA style.  Please note that most students exceed these minimal expectations and your conclusion is the main creative portion of your capstone which details your unique ideas related to filling any gaps within the current literature and thus take your chosen topic to the next level (which may include an abbreviated proposal for future research).  Please feel free to include your prior personal fitness/diet experiences with differing populations (written in third person prose) which you might later develop into a line of research you can pursue at your place of employment, in future grant proposals and doctoral studies, etc.  Please note that each section detailed in the attached final manuscript grading rubric (abstract, table of contents, acknowledgements, list of key words, introduction, literature review, etc.) needs to be included as the most important creative portion of your capstone project being your final conclusions and directions for future research representing your unique personal and professional summaries and philosophies. 

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