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Nutrition- Related Diseases ( Hypoglycemia )

Research and write a report on one of the following topics related to either carbohydrate consumption/metabolism or fat consumption/metabolism. The body of your paper must be 2-3 pages in length (not including reference list).  Your report should contain:

A thorough description and background of the topic causes, disease risks, treatments, etc.
A detailed explanation of nutrition and dietary recommendations for individuals concerned about the topic.
Minimum of 2 references required (but no more than 5).

**Choose only 1 topic!**  Please note that this is a research paper and you must utilize your own thoughts and ideas as determined from your research.

The body of your paper must be 2-3 pages in length (not including reference list), single-spaced. A Reference List formatted using APA style must appear at the end of the assignment remember that it is necessary to reference every source that you have used in the preparation of your assignment (even your textbook!). In-text citations (APA style) must appear throughout your assignment to indicate where you used referenced information. All references in your Reference List should have a corresponding in-text citation within your assignment. 
Use only open-access sources (avoid citing books other than your textbook or articles that require a special access).

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