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Occupational Therapy

Worth 30% of grade
    To provide opportunities for students to explore one occupational therapy area of practice in depth.
    To provide an opportunity for students to practice analyzing and synthesizing information from both observations and readings for a resulting conclusion

You will choose one area of practice about which you want to learn more.  You will observe 3 YouTube videos of your choice.  With the videos and at least TWO other information sources (not the textbook), you will write a paper, complete with citations APA style, on this one area of practice.  Papers must be paginated and your name on each page (header or footer) and 5-7 pages in length (cover pages and reference page are not included in the number of pages).  Your paper should follow the instructions below:

I.    Identify your practice area, and briefly describe it, including the typical patient population and the contexts in which it usually happens.
II.    For each video:
a.    WHAT (each video)
i.    State the title and link to the video
ii.    Identify which practice setting is depicted
iii.    Briefly describe the client and their diagnosis
iv.    Describe what the occupational therapist was doing during the video.  In some videos, the client may describe what the occupational therapist did.
b.    HOW (each video)
i.    Use occupational therapy language (from class #1) to state/describe the goals for the client.  Think about a description on two levels.  First, you might say they want to be able to move their arm better and then take it further: what sorts of occupations are they aiming for?  How might they be more able to participate and engage in their life if their arm were better? 
ii.    IN CHART FORM – Identify the ACTIVITIES, the TYPES of INTERVENTION(S) and the corresponding APPROACHES to INTERVENTION(S) you think the OT is using, and DEFEND YOUR THOUGHTS / why you chose them..  Refer to handout from CLASS 1.  All INTERVENTIONS and APPROACHES must be identified in BOLD TEXT and in a chart.
iii.    Describe the OTs relationship with the client.  Was it more as a collaborator, an instructor, an understanding friend?  How did the OT engage and motivate the client?
iv.    How did the client respond to the OT and the intervention?
c.    SYNTHESIZE (synthesis is on all 3 videos do not synthesize each one after the what and how).  SYNTHESIS includes but is not limited to the following points.
i.    What themes are seen in all of the videos.
ii.    How does this observation relate to your readings and what was discussed in class? 
iii.    What new things did you learn? 
iv.    What things that you already know were emphasized?
v.    What are your next questions about occupational therapy?  What are your unanswered questions?  Is there another area you would like to explore in more depth?

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