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Oedipus Rex

English M01B – Research Paper Instructions

This assignment is an 8-10 page literary analysis of a text which incorporates outside research.
By exploring ideas, explicating the text, and reading scholarship and criticism, you will gain insight into and understanding of this text. This essay will also provide a unique perspective on this text for your reader.
To this end, it must have a thesis, or argument. Think about it as if you are trying to answer a question about the text which may have more than one answer. You want to argue for your answer, or interpretation. (Remember, dont just describe things). Your audience is this class, so remember that they have read the same novel/play. Help them understand it on a deeper level.
Write on a topic of your choice from Oedipus, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, or The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Pick a subject from our discussions in class that has intrigued, confused, angered, or even inspired you. From this, you will generate a thesis: an argument for your insight. It will be a more worthwhile experience if you choose a subject or text that interests you. (Avoid writing a diagnosis paper: Hamlet is schizophrenic, or Oedipus is suffering from the Oedipal Complex).
The objective will be to read outside scholarship and criticism about your subject and incorporate this material into your paper using the MLA (Modern Languages Association) style of documentation.
More importantly, you will use the play or novel to support your analysis. Keep in mind that direct support from the text and outside sources will be used to support your ideas.
As a general rule, good papers use at least 10-12 quotes from the story and top-level papers even more.
Use a minimum of 3 different outside sources of support from your research in your paper. All must be literary criticism.
MLA documentation will be worth 50 points of the 200 possible. Please demonstrate your competence in this area when writing this paper.
Sources must be legitimate. Avoid internet sources and focus on books and databases (esources on our Moorpark College Library Web Site). Do not use Wikipedia, MonarchNotes, SparkNotes, Crib notes, Cliff Notes, Student papers, etc. The expert/scholar you are researching must be an expert (PhD, published).
Original work is expected. Please review the guidelines for avoiding plagiarism in your handbook from English M01A or some other source. You can also speak with me about any confusions or questions.
This is a formal analysis, so do not use I in this paper.
This is your last paper and it cannot be rewritten. Consider your last paper and implement what you learned in that process into the writing of this paper. You want to make this your best effort, a final draft that is flawless on all levels.

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