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Open Source Development Product

The aim of this thesis is to expose the potentiality of open source product development through an overview of the history, sustainability advantages, licencing and legal aspects, economics, related project (OSE), etc. As a mean to provide the tools to tackle the challenges of food shortage, the ongoing climate crisis and the centralization of power.
I am not quite sure on what to put as the hypothesis because the subject is a little vague. So I would basically describe important concept and keep it theoretical, or do you think we should do a business proposition? what I would put is the differences between the traditional enterprise vs and an open source enterprise. In the legal, economics, and social aspects of it. Also as my career is environmental and resource management oriented, there should be focus on how does this technologies are based on permaculture principles and a better resource distribution worldwide. It should have the environmental impacts and what are open source development products companies trying to achieve (the problems they want to tackle). It would be great if we could up a case study on Open Source Ecology and use it as a business opportunity, as how can it be easily scalable and replicable. Maybe at the end some financial flows or charts? I really want to make sense of it, It would be great if we could work together on the structure of the thesis. I will bring some ideas on how to do it. Please let me know what are you thinking on writing.

I will send you some references. The one called introduction to open source product development is a bachelor thesis in which I would like it to be based on. I believe it is a good way to structure it.

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