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Operational Plan

a.    Create a restaurant training manual outline to assist in orientation and training Use the following headings: restaurant knowledge, mission, history (should you consider you restaurant a new concept rather than established you can focus on the importance of the location), staff roles, steps of service for FOH & BOH, menu description for staff.
i.    Provide an opening paragraph (at least 200 words) that will provide a brief overview of your restaurant concept, level of service (fine, upscale, casual/family), location and market.  This will be a good introduction to your new staff and to help them focus on the Orientation and Training in your manual. (Consider this just a very brief recap of your Restaurant Concept developed in Section #1).
ii.    For each heading: provide 2 points or necessary components for that section (approximately 100-200 words for each point).  Consider the question: Why is it important for the new employee to know purpose of your point?
b.    The chosen format will be useful in training sessions and must include a Table of Contents, separated into sections, and have a professional/attractive style.

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