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OTD Life situation questions

I am signing up for OTD (occupational Therapy Doctors program). These are questions on the application. Each question should be a page long. I have attached a pervious person’s answers who got accepted to the program.

Helpful Things to think about when answering these questions:
1. I grew up with 3 siblings diagnosed with autism
2. I have a bachelors degree in psychology
3. I am a black, muslim Somali woman
4. I started a nonprofit organizations surrounding mental with with 3 partners


Life Situations frequently provide opportunities to learn about ourselves no matter what the outcome. Respond to the questions below using specific life examples and experiences to frame your answers

1.TEAM WORK: Give an example of how you worked on a team or collaborated with a group or organization on a challenging or difficult effort or project. What were the priorities, problems or conflicts? What strategies did you use to resolve them? Explain your role as a team player, leader, consultant or other function.

2. CHALLENGING SITUATION: Describe a time when you had to change how you dealt with a situation or a task or solved a problem related to other people. What difficulties had you expected? How did you recognize the new or unexpected difficulty? How did you decide what changes to make? How did it work out?

3. RESPONSES: Describe your emotional reactions and verbal/behavioral responses to either A or B: A) You were told that you did not do something you should have done or told that something you did was incorrect/inappropriate. B) Someone in a job or professional situation was disrespectful, hostile or threatening towards you.

4. APPROACH: Give an example of how you changed your approach when you saw that the individual or group you were working with was not learning well enough and/or fast enough?

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