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Outside the West: the Non-European World

Imagine that some disaster has overtaken our world and time, and that you are the lucky winner
of a go-back-in-time ticket. You may choose any non-Western society between 1400 and
1800 AD because they have not yet industrialized. Alllllll you need to do is compose an essay of
not more than three pages, double-spaced and typed, answering the following: If you could go
back in time and choose to begin a family in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or the Americas any
time between 1400 and 1800, which would you choose and why? Continue your answer by
comparing your chosen time/place with the others you did NOT choose. You need to convince a
panel of experts that you have carefully researched your choice and that the alternative
places/times would be inferior to your choice. Consider the following: technology, politics,
personal freedoms, citizenship, standard of living, cultural values, security, etc., as you explain

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