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Pandemics and Health Risks

Essay on: Goldin and Mariathasan 2014 Pandemics and Health Risks

1. Identifying the article/chapter:  Including the author(s) name, year of publication, title, place of publication (journal or book, pages, press).
2. Summary: Summary should address most or all of the following questions:

(1) What is the major question/problem addressed? 
(2) What was the author(s)s theory/ hypothesis?
(3) Who or what was studied?
(4) What did the authors finds/results?
(5) How were the results interpreted?  Were the theories/hypotheses supported?  If not, what new hypotheses did the authors offer as potential explanations of the results.
(6) What next steps in the research process were proposed?

3. Evaluation: This  portion  should  include  your  evaluative  comments regarding the information and validity of the study.  Comments about the style or how entertaining the study was are irrelevant and should be avoided. While writing your evaluation consider the following questions:

(1) Were the information/sources reliable and valid? (did it relate to the questions/problems/intent of the paper, and if they used a sample, was it big enough?)
(2) Are there potential confounding variables that were not addressed in the study?
(3) Was there a good correspondence between the evidence and the conclusions? 
(4) Are there limitations to the study that the authors did not mention? 
(5) How generalizable are the findings? 
(6) What future research should be build based on the conclusions of this study?

4. Format:
(1) Margins: 1 inch all around
(2) Font: Arial size 11
(3) Line spacing: single space
(4) Word count:  Minimum of 800 word and maximum of 1200 words

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