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“Parasite” Film and film music analysis

Watch the entire film while taking notes about the soundtrack and its overall effect. Did this film deserve to win the Academy Award for Best Original Score? Why or why not? To strengthen your document, analyze three sceneswith timings indicatedyou believe best support your argument. The document should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, in 12-point font, and with 1-inch margins all around.

Example of soundtrack analysis:
“Richard Wagner invented modern day theater. His theory was to isolate the audience from distraction and have then completely emerged in the show.
We still use these tactics in modern film. Specifically , by using an orchestra in horror, action, and epic films.
Each instrument creates an emotion. When multiple instruments play together, it creates a desired atmosphere to help create the mood for the scene.
Large instruments create a deeper sound, that plays a slower tempo. This instills suspense in an audience and foreshadows what’s about to happen.  Like in Jaws and just two notes are played on a chello. The deep “da-daa” over an over again installs fear of knowing the shark is about attact.
Smaller instruments creates a higher pitch, faster tempo. This can still instill suspense; as with the shrieking of the violin in Psysco, waiting for the knife to come slashing through the shower curtain.
Many times action film will use classic overtures to create the immediate setting. Countless action film use Beethoven’s Ode to joy in D minor.”

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