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write about using social media as a way of advocacy for parents …..parents use their own social media’s… in terms of social media as a means for celebrating special needs and advocating for change

3. Activities

Consider how communication barriers will be overcome.

Include all parents including those who speak other languages and ensure their participation with translators

**** relate this to programs found in New Jersey ******
Share family and community resources from family-friendly websites, published resources

Increase family & community knowledge of rights and resources through the addition of guest speakers, parents of children with disabilities who have been successful in negotiating with the school, and Child Study Team members are all acceptable.

Use high leverage practices such as leading a group discussion, explaining and modeling practices, adjusting the presentation to the group, providing feedback as needed and using questions to elicit how the group is thinking. For a list at Teaching Works see http://www.teachingworks.org/work-of-teaching/high-leverage-practices To learn more about high leverage practices see https://highleveragepractices.org/

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