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Parent, Home, and school influences

There is research supporting the theory that students who are literate in their home language are more likely to be literate in their second or subsequent language. Thinking of this, what are the potential effects of home language on the development of English and classroom learning? Use one reference.

Here is a response from a classmate to the same above question. Please respond to this in 100 words.

“Language is the primary medium of learning, and skills are demonstrated through words or written language. Language-based learning disabilities are problems with age-appropriate reading, spelling, and/or writing. It is therefore not surprising, that language difficulties can interfere with academic performance. When learners use their home language to learn another language, their understanding and performance is likely to improve. Being able to move between two languages lessens the cognitive load and lets learners explain what they know and can do. The use of learners’ home language in the classroom promotes a smooth transition between home and school. It means learners get more involved in the learning process and speeds up the development of basic literacy skills. It also enables more flexibility, innovation and creativity in teacher preparation. But when learners start school in a language that is still new to them, it leads to a teacher-centered approach and reinforces passiveness and silence in classrooms. This in turn suppresses young learners potential and liberty to express themselves freely. It dulls the enthusiasm of young minds, inhibits their creativity, and makes the learning experience unpleasant. All of which is bound to have a negative effect on learning outcomes, but from the home stand point, parents can get involved with the students learning, because they know the home language and they can help them better understand the task.”

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