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Performance Management Essay

Performance Management


Performance management systems usually include measures of both behaviors (what an employee does) and results (the outcomes of an employee’s behavior). The definition of performance does not include the results of an employee’s behaviors but only the behaviors themselves. Performance is about employee behavior, or what employees do; it is not about what employees produce or the outcomes of their work.


Imagine you are establishing performance standards to enhance organizational performance for a relatively new organization.


Discuss the following:


Create a rubric for two performance standards that will help enhance the      organizational performance.


Explain your rationale for creating these standards.


Predict how these performance standards will help increase organizational      performance.


Justify your rationale with statistical data.


Specify and explain the expected outcomes after implementing these performance      standards in 6 months and then in 12 months.


Your paper should be 6 pages in length and conform to the APA format. Include at least 4-6 scholarly references

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