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personality and social psychology

Using your online textbook as the only resource, write an essay about each of these topics:

1.Define and describe the nature and function of the id, ego, and superego.
2.Define and describe the psychosexual stages of personality development.
3.Discuss the Big Five factors and describe someone who is high and low on each of the five traits.
4.Describe situational versus dispositional influences on behavior.
5.Describe the peripheral and central routes to persuasion.
6.Describe Stanley Milgrams experiment and its implications.
While you are required to use your textbook as a resource, be careful not to simply cut, copy and paste responses from the text. I fully understand and EXPECT you to use some of the same words to explain concepts. You will not receive credit for copying content from the text (or any other source). You must demonstrate understanding by writing essays in your own words. If you quote or copy you risk not receiving credit for the entire response. If you use another person’s work, word for word, it is considered “plagiarism”.

Submit a typed Word document with your responses. You can access Office 365 for free as a Vol State Student.
Include your name on the document and number each response to match the original topic number.
Your answers need to be written in complete sentences.
Be careful to attend to the details of each topic.
Be careful with being brief. Being too brief will quickly discount your grade. Simply… brief is not good on essay assignments, explain in detail.
Do not search the internet (googling or binging) and attempt to copy responses. The topics are specifically designed to be answered by the online text.
Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism using a tool called Turnitin. For more information about how to read a Turnitin Similarity report, refer to this Knowledge Base Article: Turnitin: How to Submit an Assignment
When answering the questions answer them in order and number them accordingly.

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