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Phase 1 – Data Storage and Data Management

The purpose of Phase 1 of the project is to select a data storage solution that is effective in supporting the data management activities within a specific organization.

Research and write a short (36 pages for the body section) paper in current APA style and format, with a minimum of three references, that covers the following topics:

Project Definition.
Identify a data storage solution that contributes to effective data architecture able to support data management activities.
Provide a description of the data storage solution and describe how it relates to creating an effective data architecture that supports data management.
Discuss how the data storage solution may contribute to a specific business process (or processes), workflow, and organizational effectiveness.
Type of Organization.
Define a specific organization or type of organization for which the data storage solution will or can be implemented.
Explain how this particular data storage solution meets the objectives of supporting the data management activities of an organization of the size and type you selected.
Project Scope.
Describe the scope of the data management activity (that is, use of the solution).
Discuss the need (that is, immediate need or future storage need).
Project Goals.
Define and recommend short-term goals to allow for expanding the storage infrastructure.
Define and recommend long-term goals (35 years).

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