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Phase 2 – Data Storage Solution Implementation

The purpose of Phase 2 of the project is to develop a plan, a schedule, and milestones for the implementation of the data storage solution.

Research and write a short (36 pages for the body section) paper in current APA style and formatting, with a minimum of three references, that covers the following topics:

Plan: This section should discuss the approach for implementing the data storage solution. You can either use a case study or an actual organization for which the solution will be implemented.
Specifically examine how the solution will impact effective data architecture to support data management activities.
Analyze how key advantages of the solution will impact data management to improve organizational effectiveness.
Explain the role that metadata management and design play in support of data management and your solution.
Address environmental factorsinternal and externalthat may impact the implementation.
Schedule: Establish a baseline schedule for the project.
Discuss ways in which progress will be monitored.
Outline responsible persons and their roles.
Discuss contingency plans for schedule variances.
Milestones: Provide a framework for project progression.
Provide a description, supported by a table, of the key milestones for this project.
Include an estimated completion time frame.
Discuss time constraints and objectives.
Describe impact of milestones on metadata management and design.

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