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Philippines and sri Lanka

You will write an 8-10-page paper on 2-3 cultures of your choice. This paper will require you to discuss the general overview of your cultures and then a case study that hones in on one area of focus. For example, you may want to write about medical practices, artwork, childrearing practices, warfare, tattoos and scarification, etc. You have limitless choices for what you want to research! This is the space for you to research something that is of strong interest to you.

For this paper, you must include the following:

Description of each culture, including:
Population and geographic location
Political Organization
Subsistence Strategies and Economics
Domestic Life
Description of the focus for your Case Study.
What is it you are studying? How is this topic defined? Does the definition or viewpoint change depending on where you are in the world? (ex: the many definitions of the word marriage)
Discuss each culture within your Case Study.
How does each culture participate or use the topic of your Case Study?
Discuss the significance of your topic
Why should there be research on your topic and on your culture groups?
Is there any ongoing and/or future research planned for your culture groups?
What can be learned from these people?

Your paper must be cited in proper MLA or APA format, including a separate references page. Your paper requires an introduction and conclusion. Your paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font. Make sure to include proper in-text citations. Any images, charts, or graphs can be included, but do not contribute to your page count.

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