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Go to the floodfiretree site (link below) and select a particular level of global sea rise and explain why you selected that level. Then, select a particular global map and zoom in on a particular area of interest or place that you have been and see what the sea level rise does to that coastal area. The sea level you choose can be based upon your C-Learn simulation or you can choose another level or try many different levels. For instance, what about a 30 meter rise if an Antarctica or Greenland shelf melts? Is this possible or likely? You might need to do a little research.

In order to complete this assignment, include your 250 word narrative and a live link to your map(s) in the textbox. To insert a live link, click on the “Link” button on the text editor and insert your live link. You can start at the link below, which will take you to any part of the world, and any level of zoom. Have fun! Copy the link to your simulated sea level rise map by using the link on the lower left-hand side of the sea level screen, per the instructions on the webpage. In order to see the underlying infrastructure that is covered by the sea level rise, click on the “hybrid” map which is the satellite view! Special note: don’t use the URL at the top of the webpage!

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