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Write a program that displays, validates, and processes a form for entering information about a package to be shipped from Tema Port. The form should contain inputs fields for the FROM and TO addresses for the package, the SOURCE and the DESTINATION contact number, dimensions of the package, and weight of the package. The validation should check (at least) that the package weighs no more than 150 pounds and that no dimension of the package is more than 36 inches. The processing function in your program should print out the information about the package in an organized, formatted report.

Note the following:

– All submissions should be in the form or a zipped attachment and devoid of plagiarized content

– The form to accept the input should be on a different file named “InputForm.html”

– The Php file that would accept and process the form should be named “ValidateForm.php”

– Finally, the file that would display the processed information should be named “OutPutForm.php”

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