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Poetry Analysis – Robert Hayden’s Middle Passage

Part 1: Identify and analyze the following textual elements briefly in one of the three parts of Robert Hayden’s “Middle Passage” 3-5 sentences each


1. Speaker


2. Title


3. Setting and situation


4. Diction and Tone


5. Symbolism


6. Theme


7. Images


8. Figures of Speech


9. Irony


10. Sound and rhyme


11. Rhythm and meter


12. Form and Structure


Part II: Drawing on your responses to the respective critical questions above, write a minimum of 350 words in response. It should include an introductory paragraph and a statement of thesis for a prospective essay.  Your response should demonstrate the ways in which the poem’s technical elements (above) work to develop and reinforce a dominant theme (irony) Be sure to identify the theme in a single thesis statement of your introductory paragraph.


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