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police brutality

We all have certain issues that are salient or important to us as individuals.

Pick a public policy issue that you feel strongly about. After selecting an issue, take a stance on that particular issue. In other words, in the course of your paper make a persuasive case explaining why you support or oppose the issue at hand. Your paper should be between 4-6 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font.

Start with an introductory paragraph and state what your topic is as well as your stance on the issue. Next, state the reasons why you support or oppose the issue in the introductory paragraph. In other words, you will briefly mention the main parts of your argument in the introductory paragraph and then you will expand on those reasons in the body of your paper. You should also provide a concluding paragraph that restates your position and main points.

The quality of your argument will be enhanced by the more detail and rationale you provide. You will be required to use at least three sources in your paper. You can use sources such as books, scholarly articles, websites, magazines, etc. The sources will help you back up your argument. Whenever you reference a source, put in parentheses the name of the author or title of the work you referenced. You should also attach a bibliography on a separate page at the end of your paper that fully cites the sources you utilized.

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