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Policy Levels

            Public Health Policy Levels
Examine forms of policy related to prevention of youth using Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) (vaping) in Virginia, VA, USA.
(Note: You must identify one legislative policy and one non-legislative policy enacted at the community level.)  Do NOT identify programs- look at POLICIES.
Your work must address specific policies, their impact on public health and health equity, their time of implementation, and any results. Organize your paper around these two levels of policy (P and p).
Submit a 2 page (not including title page and references) paper addressing the following items:
Include section headers for each section, below
1.    Describe the key information on public health policy, including the stakeholders.
2.    Discuss one example of a legislative and one example of a non- legislative policy for the same content area and describe how they work within one jurisdiction. 
3.    Evaluate each of the policies for their impact on public health and health equity. Be sure to support your evaluation with appropriate scholarly resources.
Cite the sources in your text, wherever you referred to them.
Include an APA 7th formatted reference list

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