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Political Legitimacy and Max Weber


Political Legitimacy and Max Weber Mini-essay

Read Max Webers article The Three Types of Legitimate Rule (posted on Classroom) and follow up for more explanations on Stanfords Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Wikipedia (https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/weber/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Weber ).

Using Webers framework and three other credible sources of current news (remember to use the CRAAP checklist if you are not sure whether the source is credible), challenge or defend the following prompt:

In the era of Donald Trump, political legitimacy is shifting from a legal-rational to charismatic model.

12 point font
Proper Chicago-style title page
Proper Chicago-style bibliography/references/works cited page (with a line between each source and the sources arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author or the first letter of the publishers name).

define the terminology in the introduction (what is obedience, what is legitimacy, what is legal-rational model, what is charismatic model, any other terms you need to define);
state your thesis (whether the prompt above is correct or not);

Body paragraphs (3 paragraphs total):
Each body paragraph should focus on one or more specific examples or proofs from current news or political analysis;
Each body paragraph should also make a reference to Webers article (either a direct quote or a paraphrasing);
Each piece of evidence or reference to Webers article should be accompanied by a Chicago-style citation.

Remind the reader what the thesis was;
Summarize why your position is correct based on the evidence you have provided.
The text of your essay NOT counting the title page and the bibliography/references/works cited should be 500-750 words (thats 2-3 pages double-spaced).

See Rubric (on classroom)
See Essay format instructions

Use Chicago referencing method

Max Webers article Chicago citation:
Weber, Max. The Three Types of Legitimate Rule. Translated by Hans Gerth. Berkeley Journal of Sociology, 1953, 615.

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