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Porter’s Five Forces Model

Pick an organization/company and evaluate it using Porters Five Forces Model.  Im expecting you to make a statement (e.g. Threat of substitute products is low/med/high.  This is because ..).  Be sure to address all five forces. After you have done that, analyze the organization/companys strategy in accordance with Porters Three Generic Strategies. Also, analyze how IT is helping/hindering the organization’s viability.  The minimum length of the paper is four pages (double spaced), the maximum length is six pages (double spaced).  The paper is intended to be an analytical product similar to something you would submit to your boss.  It doesnt need to have citations or footnotes but it does need to be grammatically correct.  This assignment is worth 10% of your total grade.  You will only have one opportunity to upload this assignment so make it count.  This assignment is due no later than (NLT) 11:59 PM (2359 in military time), 27 November.  The grading is one point for each of the forces; one point for the strategy; one point for the IT aspect; and 3 points for grammar and presentation.  This is worth 10% of your grade.

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