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Review the Theories of Gender:Sex.pdfPreview the document reading. You only need to review the section on critical/cultural theories (pages 8-12 meaning the pages of the PDF, not the scanned page numbers). The four shared assumptions will become the foundation of your critique.

4. In 300-500 words, describe the 4 shared assumptions of critical/cultural theory.

5. In 400-700 words, compare the 4 shared assumptions of critical/cultural theory to genderlect theory. Does the theory meet the standards described by the four assumptions of critical/cultural theory?

6. In 300-500 words, draw some conclusions about your analysis. These questions are just ways to get you started with the last section. The point of a conclusion is to both summarize what you have done and then explain why what you have written matters. What did you learn by applying a critical/cultural lens to genderlect theory? How would you revise genderlect theory to better fit the four assumptions? What does genderlect theory leave out with regard to gender/sex? What would you say to someone who thinks genderlect theory is the best theory to explain gender communication?

To give you a sense of how long this paper will be if you type the maximum for each section, your paper will be roughly 5 pages single-spaced if you use size 12 Times New Roman font with 1″ margins.

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